How to get your offer accepted in this seller market!

Common questions and concerns I hear everyday in real estate are:

How do I buy a home with a contingency to sell my own house?

How do I get an offer accepted in a hyper competitive seller market?

Here is the answer: CASH.Money Mouth No cash, no problem! I can get you immediate access to cash at no extra cost if you have no home to sell. If you have a home to sell, I can get you access to the same cash at a small one-time fee of 1.9% payable from the sale of your home and you can stay in your home for an extremely low monthly fee that essentially covers taxes for up to 6 months. 

Problem solved. Where do I start? Call me direct at 682-888-8470 and I'll get you the home you want purchased in cash, move in to the new home in 2 weeks, or sell yours when you're ready, and move in within 6 months.

Too good to be true? Nope! Call or email now, 682-888-8470, [email protected]

Serving your real estate needs,

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